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Robert & Elisabeth, Washington, D.C.Parents of Adult Son

Our son was diagnosed as suffering from schizoaffective disease many years ago. Untreated in a systematic way, he was in and out of jails and mental hospitals with a very unstable life. Then we met John Gulka and retained his services.

John’s skills and knowledge and experience in the varied aspects of the mental health system were invaluable in assessing the immediate action we should take/the development of a strategic plan for involvement in our son’s healing process and in the implementation of that plan. In short, keeping focused on the most effective way to assist in the health and well-being of our son. John completed a comprehensive history from a plethora of information we had accumulated over a period of many years. The result of our efforts is a much more stable life for our son and a huge improvement in the lives of us as parents. John Gulka proved to be the best investment we have made in our son.
Elisabeth and Bob

Craig S., Chevy Chase, MD.Parent of Teen Daughters

John is one of the kindest and warmest people I know. With over 30 years experience navigating the oftentimes confusing and frustrating world of the mental health system, he has pretty much seen and done it all.

He is a teacher, not a preacher.

He has been advising and assisting me and my family for over two years now, and we are so fortunate to have found him.

His natural empathy, listening skills, and optimism combine with his vast knowledge of the mental health field to give his clients that most important “feeling” of all: Hope.

John has been, and will continue to be, our most trusted guide

Toni M., Easton, PAChallenged with Spouse and Adult Child

As the leader of our family, I had the very good fortune to meet and learn from John Gulka. His wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of mental illness was invaluable in helping me navigate through the trials of a family severely affected by family-wide depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and resulting severe dysfunction. Today, 15 years later, our family is slowly recovering and rebuilding normal family life as a direct result of John Gulka’s wisdom and guidance.

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