…And We Are Up And Running!

07.09.2019 After much encouragement from my clients nationwide, and parsing how to present my services with help from my legal and clinical network, PathfinderJohn is finally up.

My office number is staffed and operational as is the email address. So if you or someone you know, want to explore if this is the right path, take a moment and schedule a free first-time 30 minute call.

About admin

I've been helping a loved one suffering with SMI for over 35 years in my family. Over the last fifteen years I've discovered and developed paths for hundreds of others across the country to secure help within the complex system of our local city and county government-based mental health programs to help get your loved one to a more stable life and hopeful improvement in their lives and yours. I am doing this as a special service through my business consulting firm in order to reach you and offer a path.

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